What Are The Application Ranges Of LED Downlights?

What Are The Application Ranges Of LED Downlights?

LED downlights have a wide range of applications, have a good light-gathering effect, and set off the harmony of the environment. The scope of application places includes: shopping malls, hotels, boutiques, clothing stores, car showrooms, jewelry showcases, office buildings, corridors, halls, subway entrances and other major places. LED downlights can be divided into surface-mounted downlights and concealed-mounted downlights according to the installation method; the color of the installation light can be divided into positive white LED downlights, neutral light LED downlights, and warm white LED downlights; the shelf life is three years or five years. Features: Anti-fog and waterproof, high luminous efficiency, high CRI, no glare, no glare, high brightness, high life, high light collection, no radiation, no harmful substances and no harm to the human body. Multiple advantages of the lamp.

1. Hotel lighting

The lighting of hotels and guesthouses uses LED downlights and other products to bring customers a different feeling. In addition to saving energy, it can also show luxury and warmth. For the owners, the personalized LED downlights create The light environment can fully demonstrate the strength of the enterprise.

2. Living room and home theater lighting

Use the light color of the LED downlight to set off a warm, harmonious and warm atmosphere, reflecting a comfortable and leisure atmosphere.

The application of LED downlights interprets another meaning for home lighting. The LED downlight is embedded in the ceiling, which will not damage the overall style of architectural decoration, and it is easier to form a perfect unity with the decoration style to achieve a harmonious effect. Lights falling vertically? , can increase the soft atmosphere in the space; the interaction of multiple downlights can reduce the pressure of the space and create a warm atmosphere.

It has been widely used in hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, museums and other fields. It has undertaken projects such as Shanghai Ramada Encore Hotel, Shanghai Minhang Smart Life Experience Museum, etc., whether it is product stability, reliability or perfect application solutions. The customer’s affirmation has won a good reputation!

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