About exquisite decoration lights

About exquisite decoration lights

The fine decoration of your home, is it really exquisit

With the continuous acceleration of the level of economic development, people’s living standards to a higher level, residential decoration in People’s Daily life has gradually become a fashion trend, with the gradual improvement of modern people’s living standards, more and more people are more inclined to live in relatively comfortable hardcover room. However, when consumers buy hardcover rooms, they only have a simple understanding of some housing decoration companies, and they do not have a deep understanding of the professional knowledge of the company. Moreover, most consumers have only a partial understanding of the professional knowledge of residential decoration, and they are not clear about the engineering process of residential decoration. There is no extra time to choose excellent qualified decoration companies and supervise them to complete the decoration project, it is easy to appear low quality decoration, lighting layout design is unreasonable, lighting illuminance can not meet daily needs and so on, resulting in a discounted experience. How to effectively avoid these problems, improve the happiness of living, the following issues must pay attention to

1. Use spotlights only throughout the house

No main light If there is no main light in the whole house, use spotlights instead. The result is that the brightness of the home is not enough, and it appears very messy after turning on the light, there is no sense of hierarchy, spotlights are the key lighting of the home, and the key lighting means that the number must be less, if your house is the whole house is spotlights, it can really negotiate a refund!

2. The color temperature of the house is not uniform

Many people only pay attention to the design of lamps and locations, ignoring the choice of color temperature, resulting in the same space, color temperature is not unified, and the atmosphere is instantly pulled down a lot. Light color unification is the most advanced lighting collocation method, if possible, try to achieve uniform color temperature throughout the house. In general, the higher the color temperature, the colder the light, the lower the color temperature, the warmer the light, if it is their own collocation, the safer color temperature range is 2700k-4500k, warm and can also prevent the harm of blue light

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