Where are the wall wash lights usually placed?

Where are the wall wash lights usually placed?

From the lighting method, it belongs to indirect lighting, so that the light hits the wall to form a refracted light is called wall washing, the installation of wall washing lights can appear more atmosphere in the space, and the light is not direct, so it will not glare, it will feel very comfortable! Where is the wall washing lamp usually installed? Here are some details to share:


1. Living Room


The brilliant use of the wall washing lamp in the living room not only lights the entire wall, creates the effect of seeing the light and not seeing the light, but also improves the space atmosphere. It is appropriate to control the light outlet of the wall washing lamp groove at 12-15cm, and the lamp belt can be directly installed on the top of the lamp groove, and adjusted to the Angle that the human eye can not see below. If the wall is a reflective material such as marble, the diffuse reflection installation method can be used to fix the lamp strip at the expense of light utilization, and the acrylic baffle can also be added to the light buckle, so as to reduce the reflection glare.


2. Aisles/corridors


I like the wall washing lamp used in the corridor lighting, log + white wall + decorative painting, simple but I feel the most primitive temperature of a home. The texture of the log itself is warm, and the wall washing lamp with 4000K color temperature is more comfortable. The faint warmth revealed by the wood is not prominent but has a just feeling.


One side of the corridor is designed with decorative paintings, so the embedded linear lights play a role of atmospheric lighting, while the magnetic track spotlights on one side can wash the decorative paintings to highlight the key points, and on the other hand, it can also increase the basic lighting of the space. The corner kickline is controlled by a separate loop, and the weak light acts as a visual guide at night.

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